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Teaching Philosophy

I believe that being a good teacher is similar to being a good psychologist. One must have the ability to read a student - to understand them in the moment and to effectively gauge many aspects of their personality, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, and disposition. One glove does not fit all when it comes to teaching. There are many methods and approaches, and the best one is the one that will be most effective for each specific student. This method can change and grow, but can only do so with a teacher who is aware and flexible enough to understand the student and allow the student to guide and influence their teaching accordingly.

In understanding that each student is different, I can begin to understand the goals, personality, background, likes/dislikes, and ideas of each student, and use these to shape my pedagogy, and the student’s artistry. Through effective communication, I can use my expertise to make music relevant and enjoyable to each student, and open up a door for the student to express themselves artistically while learning and improving. 

I believe that music is a birthright - we are all musical beings and have the capability to enjoy music and express ourselves through it. To effectively provide a student with the tools to do so, my music instruction includes the following components:

- Aural Skills Music theory and analysis - Sight reading - Improvisation - Effective practice habits - Wellness and physical awareness - Personal musical interpretations influenced by historical approaches  - Performance opportunities - Encouragement to participate in competitions and festivals -

Pedagogical Studies

  • Bachelor of Music Degree Cum Laude with a minor in pedagogy at Lawrence University 

  • Master of Music Degree with emphasis on pedagogy at Thornton School of Music 

  • Doctorate of Musical Arts - Emphases in Musicology, Pedagogy, and Collaborative Piano at Thornton School of Music

  • Teaching Assistant at Thornton, teaching private undergraduate lessons as well as group piano courses

  • TA/Tutor at Lawrence University

  • Teaching position at the Lawrence Academy of Music

  • Private Instructor for many years

  • Pedagogy presenter at MTNA State Conference in Wisconsin

Teaching Background

  • Supervised Student Teaching

  • Group Piano Classes

  • Beginner through Advanced level student pedagogy courses

  • Historical Pedagogy

  • Studies in Taubman Technique

  • Studies in piano technique including finger collapsing correction

  • Studies in injury prevention

  • Studies in cognitive psychology related to music

  • Pedagogy Research Presentation at Thornton School of Music - "Godden and Baddelay's Study of Context Dependent Memory: Implications for Effective Memorization at the Piano"

Teaching Rates

$50 / Half Hour Lesson  - $100 / Hour Lesson

Offering  in-person as well as virtual lessons (vaccination required)

Madeline M.

"He was excited to meet me where I was in my own piano journey and to tailor our lessons to help me achieve my own musical goals"

Greg B.

"I've never taken piano before and my friends are impressed by how quickly I'm improving"

Jennifer P.

"I am at a more advanced level than many, but I'm sure he would be a joy to work with whether you are a beginner, or a virtuoso, a child or an adult"
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